For our Planet and for our Fabric; To save the former, we work on the later.

ORGANIC COTTON: Unsurpassed purity; we use no chemicals or pesticides.  Not only does it feel great to wear, it feels great in your heart. 

BAMBOO & HEMP: These resilient crops are great for the soil that grows them while conserving the water supply.  Tough but not rough, transformed int silky smooth material.

DYES: Low-impact dyes with a higher than average absorption rate. Less water is required in the rinse process and less dye runs off in the water; therefore, the dyes have a lower impact on the environment.

IMAGE: We use Non-toxic, kid friendly water based inks that are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly.

PACKAGING: Our poly mailers are 100% recycled, made with 50% post-consumer resin. We're proud to have achieved this level of recycled content. These beautiful mailers will impress your earth-conscious self, reduce landfill waste, AND reduce demand for virgin plastics. Our Poly Mailers feature a dual peel and seal and dual tear strip for easy opening and you can reuse. 

Our Gift boxes are made of corrugated cardboard.

Baby Rebel Co is a privately owned company operating out of Marina Del Rey, Ca.  We operate a fair, safe and non-discriminatory company.